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Genma x Hayate

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Genma x Hayate Fans!!! [13 Feb 2018|12:08am]

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Awestruck [09 Oct 2011|01:09am]

Title: Awestruck
Pairing: GenHaya
Sentence: The blade winked in the moonlight, the softly reflected light flashing in his eyes and making him feel as if that soft reflection was a spotlight, showing the entire world just what it was he hid deep in his heart as he watched the other man practice, almost dancing in the moonlight.
Characters: Genma & Hayate
Mood: awestruck
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto and I don’t make money writing fanfics for it either.
Dedicated to: SammiWolf who came up with the sentence prompt for my ‘Inspire Me 2’ challenge.
A/N: It seems like nobody post here but maybe some people still read this comm so here.

Some people amaze us and leave us breathless because just watching them move is like watching grace unleashed.Collapse )
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Yeah, a Gen Hay site! [04 Jul 2009|04:24pm]

Hi all, I'm brand new today. Just sort of fell into the site off Google. I'm thrilled -- I've been a Genma Hayate fan for YEARS now and love to see them featured. I'll be visiting frequently and try to post whenever I can. Cheers!
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Breathe Again. [29 Jul 2008|02:07pm]

I'm new... hihi!

I have one multi-chapter that is GenHaya but it turns RaiGen later in it so I could post it just not sure if it's against the rules. So if somebody could let me know either way that would be great.

In the meantime...

Title: Breathe Again
Pairing: GenHaya
Rating: G (but mentions character death)
Summary: Haya's funeral.
Disclaimer: Nope still don't own Naruto

A/N I don't like this as much as my other pieces but wanted to write it anyway.

Breathe AgainCollapse )
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[22 May 2008|04:29pm]

This is the only real Genma/Hayate fic I have. I roleplay Genma over at Orochimaru's Agenda. He and the Hayate there recently started a relationship. This is set within that rpg's universe.

I know that the comm seems to be utterly dead but maybe we can revive it!

Title: Dislike
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Genma/Hayate
Rating: G
Warning: Fluff, utter fluff.
Disclaimer: Neither of these characters belong to me.
Summary: Hayate asks Genma a question and gets a brutally honest answer from his boyfriend.
Author Notes: For the last several months, I've been jumping in and out of the Genma/Hayate pairing. Genma/Raidou are my favorite couple but I enjoy rearranging my pairings. Keeps things interesting. And because I'm rping Genma in a relationship with Hayate, stories will be emerging for that pairing.

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[27 Mar 2007|12:57am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

*bows awkwardly* ...I hope there's really still a community, here... I've just started writing GenHaya fic, and damn is it addictive. Of course, I'm spoiled as hell, so it's angsty!Genma dealing with Hayate's death fic. Anyway, I bring a few chapters of a fic that is being written in entirely the wrong order, but most parts will probably be readable a standalone clips of the same universe. Links are all to FF.net and in proper chronological order.

In which Genma refuses to take a mission
In which Genma really can't hack it
In which Kakashi drags Genma's sorry ass back to his friends
In which Genma slips into the habit of not looking in mirrors (I'm really not happy with this chapter, and will probably rewrite it at some point.)

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[22 Oct 2006|05:43pm]

Yo. GenHaya is the bestest, and I wuf them both. I have a thing for minor characters who die quickly, it seems...

Here is a fanfic from BHS, queen of slash and crack. Yosh. 

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Hayate art! [02 Aug 2006|10:54am]

[ mood | cold ]

Ok, so here's the art I said I'd post..not very good. I cut off his arms and the rest of his body so you wouldn't have to suffer through that. I made Genma a little stupid...or drunk. Maybe that's why Iruka's annoyed..? Anko is there because I forgot she was Orochimaru's student. >__< And behind Hayate's head you can vaguely see the outline of Hanatarou from Bleach...it was my plan to right a crack-fic where Hayate and him get switched and no one can tell the difference....ehehe...please don't shoot me. ;__;

Medium is pencil on medium surface texture paper(DIEDIEDIE) and then inked, and then colored with pencil crayon. Please don't shoot me. *bow*

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Hello! [19 May 2006|04:28pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Hi, long time lurker here. ^^;; Honestly, I've been into GenHaya for a few years, but I haven't found anyone else interested in it before now. Keep up the good work! I'll be posting art sometime soon. :)

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Hello~~~ [05 Apr 2006|06:21am]

[ mood | awake ]

This comm is a bit slow...okay more than a bit...but I thought I'd contribute something in case anyone was still watching!

Hey, my name is Lexie, and GenHaya is slowly becoming one of my absolute favorite pairings in Naruto (woe that it is so underappreciated!). There's just so much angsty-fluff potential there, and the dynamics really interest me.

Anyways, the reason for my post! I RP Hayate (as well as Iruka, Gai and a few other characters from other fandoms) over at _catchphrase_, a really interesting (and insanely addictive) multi-fandom RP, somewhat based on the CLAMP series, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. So it's a mish-mash of worlds that are all now somewhat miraculously interconnected, so that you can accidentally walk through a portal and end up somewhere else entirely. No, we're not exactly in Kansas anymore, Toto.

The newest twist of the RP is the dead coming back to life. And as soon as that came about, I just had to play Hayate, as the angst potential just went through the roof! And a friend of mine applied to play Genma, and we have a pretty interesting backstory going on with them that's being revealed as the RP goes on. I now come bearing our first log, which is Genma and Hayate meeting again after Hayate is resurrected. The two exchanged some comments on Hayate's journal and arranged to meet at the gates of Konoha. It's squishy and fluffy and angsty, and I hope you enjoy it!


And if you're interested in following along, Genma's journal can be found at strawjounin, and Hayate's is...hayate. XD;

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GenHaya cosplay [15 Jan 2006|04:29pm]

I don't write or draw, but I do cosplay Hayate, so I figured I'd share this photo from Ohayocon of yoric and I.
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Drawing & Sketch [04 Jan 2006|03:22pm]

They're both G.


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Fluffy Genhaya fic! [02 Dec 2005|04:57pm]

I joined a fanfic community, and the pairing I chose was Genma and Hayate, so I figured I'd post it here. I hope you all enjoy! It's warm and fluffy. :3

Title: Warmth
Author/Artist: Elias psycoegyptian69
Pairing: Genma Shiranui/Hayate Gekkou
Fandom: Naruto
Theme: 12. in a good mood
Rating: Just PG-13 for a kiss.
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters. Never did, never will. ;_; It makes me cry. See? Those are tears.
Summary: It's snowing in Konoha and Hayate is cold. But Genma is around to warm him up. :3

WarmthCollapse )

Crossposted to my journal and 30_kisses
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[22 Jul 2005|02:20pm]

[ mood | too happy for my own good ]

Hello ^^ I'm Jenny...or Valkyrie...whichever is good. Whoever created the commmunity: You are a brillant brillant person. May your life be long and prosperous. *nod* Anywho...Genma is orally fixated love and Hayateis the cutest thing I have ever seen. It's only right that they be together!!! And they both wear the bandana things! How can that not be a sign from the Naruto Powers That Be! Gah! *goes on a 30 minutes rant about how Genma nad Hayate are meant for each other* Anywho, so that's that. ^^ ... *awkward*...O.O 'kay!

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[21 Jul 2005|01:32pm]

Hello. I am September. A Genma/Hayate fan! This place needs postage, so I shall post.

Hayate is sexy ninja love.

Genma too.
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GenHaya; -- sHINOBI iN lOVE♥ [19 Jul 2005|11:52am]

Community layout and rules coming soon.

Feel free to join and introduce yourself, though.
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